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All things being equal in power, size, load and sea conditions; no other boat can match an F&S sportfishing yacht.

The secret is our often imitated, yet never duplicated "Variable Deadrise Hull" design with longitudinal steps.  The F & S longitudinal steps are designed to create pockets of air on which to ride; thus releasing pressure against the hull instead of creating it, as most modern boat designs do. These same air pockets create a far softer ride than our competitors.

As the hull cuts through water and waves, aeration is generated along the steps. Air is "softer" than water with a far less dense molecular structure. When pockets of air are trapped between the hull and the water's surface by our longitudinal steps, the result is a soft ride and superior performance. The multi-keel effect of the vertical surfaces created by the longitudinal steps deliver unsurpassed directional stability, even while running in large following seas.

F & S yachts are stable at all speeds, on any quarter. 

An F & S hull will run with less wetted surface area, less friction and a more efficient hydrodynamic lift.

The result is a softer ride with breathtaking and efficient performance.