Design - F&S Boatworks




All things being equal in power, size, load and sea conditions, no other boat can match F&S. Our secret is a Variable Deadrise Hull design with longitudinal steps.  The F & S longitudinal steps are of release rather than pressure design, creating a soft ride. As the hull cuts through waves, there is aeration along the steps. Air is softer than water and in rough seas, pockets of air are trapped between the hull and the water's surface by the steps. This contributes to her soft ride and superior performance. F & S is stable at all speeds… on any quarter. The multi-keel effect of the vertical surfaces of the steps deliver unsurpassed directional stability, even while running in large following seas.

An F & S hull will run with less wetted surface, less friction and more efficient hydrodynamic lift. The result is a softer ride with breathtaking and efficient performance.